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SICURIT Perimeter Protection Systems, a dedicated division of SICURIT Alarmitalia Spa, has been producing and distributing security systems since 1971. The Company is a recognized leader in the Italian market, and since 2000, has been exporting its perimeter protection systems to what has now grown to more than 25 countries. SICURIT’s administrative and commercial offices are based in Italy, in an industrial area north of Milan

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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). They are definitely your first line of defense.

WI-Art | Sensors for museum applications

Sensors designed for the protection of paintings, tapestries, statues and objects of all kinds.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) detect intruders as soon as a protected area is entered and therefore are the first line of defence before intruders are able to gain access to people, valuable objects and assets.

With AVANTGARDE, a fence on top of walls will be created “virtually”, by means of short and discrete IR Beam barriers tailored for this application.

Combining technologies!
ABSOLUTE PRO is the unique active barrier offering a very high level of security even under conditions of thick fog, heavy rain, strong snowfalls and sandstorms all of which tend to trigger false alarms or unreliable performances when only IR or MW systems are used.

SicurZone for the protection of multiple unmanned sites with remote management. SicurZone offers a real cost-effective solution that unlike conventional fence-mounted PIDS is able to divide the section in 4 (up to 8 where sites are made of more sides, ed.) zones providing to local PTZ cameras (or local NVR’s) 4/8 Outputs to address video verification on the alarmed side only.

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  • EKO Series
  • Fence Sensors
  • IP Based Avantgarde
  • Low power
  • PIDS
  • Pin-Point
  • WI-Art
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