Microwave Barriers


Digital Microwave intrusion link EKO-MW has been designed for quick and easy installation and it is suitable for any kind of applications that require high security standards. Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) strongly increases detection accuracy and enables to distinguish real intrusions from environmental agents with more accuracy compare to analogue microwaves.
EKO-MW makes use of X-Band planar antenna and is available in tower or dedicated high-impact polycarbonate housing both designed for lodging power supply and battery, making the installation more cost-effective compare to those Microwave barrier that requires additional junction boxes to achieve all connections.


  • Up to 100m range
  • Advanced DSP
  • RS485 port for remote diagnostic and control
  • X-band conforms to CE
  • Comfortable IP65 housing with built-in power supply and backup battery slot


Intrusion detection, using a modulated amplitude sensitive system, takes place within the invisible pattern of microwave energy existing between transmitter and receiver. An opportune signal amplitude variation analysis at the receiver is directly related to the object’s size, speed and density and allows the sensor to discriminate between objects.
4 selectable frequency channels allow multiple DAVE units to operate in proximity without interferences, including stacking microwave applications.

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