Peridect Plus

Pin-Point Fence Protection System
  • Technology: Piezoelettric sensor

  • Range: Up to 1500m per unit

  • Alarm OUT: TCP/IP or Relay Contact

  • Applications: Industrial, Military, Governmental, Airport Security


Pin Point fence PIDS PERIDECT PLUS offers the solution for a precise and effective perimeter protection, particularly for medium-large sensitive sites such as industrial plants, airports and military bases. PERIDECT PLUS makes use of digital piezo electric sensors to effectively detect vibrations caused by mechanical stimulation arising from attempts (climbing, cutting, lifting) to overcome boundary fences.

PERIDECT PLUS is an entirely autonomous system and can precisely detect intrusion locations within fence panels (usually between 2-4m). Each detector contains a piezoelectric element supported by micro-processor-based signal processing allowing precise individual parameter settings For maximum adaptation to the environmental conditions affecting a particular fence, an individual setting of detectors of the PERIDECT system can be fine-tuned accommodating all environmental implications at the site according to the customer’s requirements.

PERIDECT Plus’s unique functionality of “Differential Logic” additionally significantly reduces false alarms caused by bad weather conditions (heavy rain, strong winds and hail). Peridect Plus has been designed to protect medium-large scale sites, as with just one control unit and two-line controllers connected is able to monitor up to 3km of perimeter.


  • Connecting up to 500 detectors per one line controller – this feature allows securing easily large perimeter up to 1500 m (for 3m panels). It is possible to use two-line controllers in one place and then up to 3000 m can be safeguarded.
  • Redundant option – at this connection the line controller is connected to the detection line on each side. One controller (Master) communicates with the detection line in a standard way and the second one (Slave) as a backup monitors the detection line operation. In case of a communication interruption between the Master controller and some of the detectors (e.g., when cutting the line) the Slave controller takes over the control of the detectors from the other side of the line.
  • Extended temperature range – Suitable for extreme environments with temperatures from -55°C up to +85°C.
  • Galvanic line separation – each detection line is galvanically separated from the evaluation unit, which provides the increased resistance to interference.
  • Direct integration into HyperPower Alarm and Event management platform which enables to display the exact place of the intrusion and control the communication with other systems. Alternatively, PERIDECT+ programmable outputs can be connected into standard security control panels similarly as a standard sensor. In such a case the groups of the detectors are usually combined into relevant outputs and the system detects alarms from individual arbitrarily defined zones.

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