Universal transmitter

  • Power supply: 1x 3.6V lithium battery

  • Average sensor consumption : < 25 μA

  • Estimated battery life time : About 2 years

  • Number of inputs: 2

  • Input type: balanced - unbalanced

  • Frequency: 2 in ISM a 868 MHz

  • Range : about 200 m in free area

  • Operating temperatures : da +5 °C a +45 °C

  • Storage temperatures: da -20 °C a +70 °C

  • Weight: 31 g

  • size : 52 x 69 x 18 mm


The UNIVERSAL TRANSMITTER is designed to make any type of low absorption sensor compatible with the WI-Art series receiver units. Powered by a lithium battery which guarantees a duration of about 2 years, the Transmitter allows the connection of up to two external sensors, supplying them with up to 100μA, if required.
You can configure the 2 alarm inputs in a customized way by operating on the 2 switches on board, as shown in the table below.
The transmitter housing is specially designed to be placed behind a protected painting canvas.

OFF – OFFBalanced IN1 inputBalanced IN2 inputTamper and magnetic anti-removal sensor
OFF – ONBalanced IN1 inputMagnetic sensorTamper and status input 2 (NC)
ON – OFFInput IN1 (NA) UnbalancedInput IN2 (NA) UnbalancedTamper and magnetic anti-removal sensor
ON – ONIngresso non BilanciatoMagnetic sensorTamper and status input 2 (NC)

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