PIR sensor with 3D magnetic field reader


CARAVAGGIO is the solution mainly dedicated to the protection of showcases and cabinets. It has a dual mode of operation: it combines a passive infrared with a maximum range of 12 m x 90° with a magnetic field reader on 3 axes (compass function, unsinkable), which operate in OR logic. This makes the sensor perfectly suitable for the protection of showcases, as it is able to detect both the removal of the showcase itself and the breaking of the glass.

By virtue of this dual functionality CARAVAGGIO can also be used as a volumetric sensor and an all-in-one magnetic contact, ideal for the protection of closed environments such as a room or a room. The product is available both in wired version with 12Vdc power supply and alarm contact, and in radio version on dedicated high security protocol compatible with Wi-Art (Grade 3).

You can automatically optimize Caravaggio radio version through the calibration function on the Wi-Art receiver.

Power supply2x CR2450 3V, 600mAh Lithium Batteries12V
Average sensor consumption< 20 μA20 mA
Battery life timeestimated Approx. 2 years
Maximum PIR coverage12 m x 90°
Magnetic contactreading of the field status at switch-on, with storage
Frequency2 in ISM a 868 MHz
Rangeabout 150 m in open area
Operating temperaturesda +5 °C a +45 °C
Storage temperaturesda -20 °C a +70 °C
Weight30 g
Size56 x 33 x 26 mm

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