Active Barriers

The AVANTGARDE series has been designed to meet the growing demand of IP BASED PERIMETER INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEMS (PIDS).
Easy to integrate into existing or new IP backbone networks and virtually controlled from any location, advantages of IP-based solutions include REMOTE ACCESSIBILITY for system maintenance and diagnostics, HIGH SCALABILITY, SEAMLESS INTEGRATION in third party SMS/VMS and enhanced installation COST-EFFECTIVENESS.
AVANTGARDE products family includes Infrared (IR), Microwave (MW) and Dual Technology (IR+MW) barriers.

The EKO series, which includes IR beam barriers with range up to 150m and Dual Technology barriers with range up to 100m, represents Sicurit’s further commitment to meet the increasing demand for cost-effective, easy to install and integrate PIDS solutions equipped with a simple and intuitive main control board for customized detection with different levels of security.

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