Technology Partners


Vendor-neutral PSIM: Advancis offers an integrated solution. More than 20 years of experience, over 1,200 realized installations in different application sectors, worldwide area representations as well as numerous certified integration partners make Advancis one of the international market leaders in vendor-neutral security and building management. Founded in 1994 as a regional software manufacturer, the company pioneered with regard to cross-domain security management. From the very beginning, vendor-neutrality has been the decisive advantage of the WinGuard system, as the total security, building, communication and IT infrastructure can be integrated in WinGuard. The user in the control center is enabled to detect all situations in an optimal way, being efficiently supported in event processing by WinGuard. The formula for success is the continuous development of WinGuard by innovative ideas, directly at the Advancis headquarters in Germany. Customer requirements are efficiently realized.

Genetec Security Center

Genetec Inc. is an innovative technology company with a broad portfolio of solutions spanning security, intelligence, and operations. The company’s flagship product, Security Center, is an open architecture platform that unifies IP video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), communications and analytics. Genetec also develops cloud-based solutions and services designed to improve security and contribute to new levels of operational intelligence for government, business, transportation and the communities in which we live. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Montréal, Canada, Genetec serves its customers globally through an extensive network of resellers, integrators, certified channel partners and consultants in over 80 countries.


A German manufacturer and developer of high-quality, intelligent video security solutions, Geutebrück produces intelligent video security solutions which deliver the right information to the right place at the right time. Whether analogue, hybrid or digital, their systems focus on user needs, not on the latest fashion, allowing full concentration fully on the task in hand and confidence that the video security system is doing its job. Geutebrück systems are scaleable and flexible, with high levels of innovation, continuity and stability. All their product generations are fully compatible with one another, and today’s hardware platforms already support tomorrow’s features.

Perspective VMS

Founded in 1998, LENSEC is a trusted security provider of IP-based video surveillance solutions for end-users in higher education, K-12 education, government, public safety, critical infrastructure, healthcare, commercial, and more. LENSEC’s Perspective VMS® is an enterprise-level video management software capable of providing functional power to physical security projects. PVMS enables secure remote access and real-time collaboration with first responders during security events. Our worldwide integration partners work with LENSEC to provide cutting-edge solutions and implementation services.


Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software; technology that helps the world see how to ensure safety, protect assets and increase business efficiency. Milestone en-ables an open platform community that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology, with reliable and scalable solutions that are proven in more than 150,000 sites worldwide. Founded in 1998, Milestone is a stand-alone company in the Canon Group.


IndigoVision has over two decades of experience developing innovative, complete, end-to-end security surveillance solutions. From our security management software and hardware; powerful video analytics and intelligent cyber-security products, to IP cameras and network video recorders, our products are trusted and proven globally, across multiple markets, in some of the highest profile sites and harshest environments. IndigoVision give you the right solution, experience, technology and support to provide you with real innovation that makes you safe.