AVANTGARDE-MW is brand new IP based Microwave active barrier released by SICURIT R&D department to complete the IP native product family already composed of Infrared (AVANTGARDE-IR) and Dual Technology (AVANTGARDE-DT and ABSOLUTE PRO) barriers.

Thanks to AVANTGARDE-MW, today Sicurit is able to fully respond to the requests of the most demanding markets, satisfying the growing demand for IP based products that allow remote accessibility for system maintenance and diagnostics, easy connections, better scalability, flexibility and enhanced installation cost-effectiveness.

AVANTGARDE-MW makes use of latest digital RF planar link (24GHz) and Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) to reduce false alarm rates and distinguishing the type of intrusion attempt and eventual temporary obstructions specially during system arming.

16 Crystal-Quartz Channels

Thanks to the 16 Crystal-Quartz channels AVANTGARDE-MW enables more units to operate in close proximity to each other, including applications where 2 units are stacked together within the same tower.
Another innovation is the introduction of a random modulation channel shuffle-based algorithm that increases Microwave safety making AVANTGARDE-MW completely immune against attempts to tamper it.


SEA and Temporary Obstruction Notification

The Signal Efficiency Analysis (SEA) continuously monitor the communication stability and efficiency of AVANTGARDE MW radio link and notifies any temporary obstruction that may cause gaps within the detection pattern, especially if caused by cars or trucks that might be used to bypass the system.
AVANTGARDE MW provides an alert when the RF pattern is distorted for a certain period of time due to constant presence of bulky objects.

Reduced mounting accessories and cabling infrastructure

AVANTGARDE-MW’s electronic circuits and RF modules has been designed to fit AVANTGARDE IP65 long lasting proven towers, decreasing overall installation costs of Microwave barriers that often require expensive poles, jaws and junction boxes used to lodge power supply and converters. AVANTGARDE towers were in fact designed to provide space for any MW-related accessory including back-up batteries.
Additionally, Field wiring is minimized as AVANTGARDE-MW communicates between TX and RX via a coded modulation of the RF signal, with the Rx unit communicating alarm and status information via built-in Ethernet interface and alarm/tamper status through on-board relay output.


K-band microwave technology works on 24GHz frequency; this enables the device to deliver more accurate detection and uniform coverage of the detection area, minimizing false alarms from external movements (dimension of detection area limited and reduced compared to X-band, by proper setting of parameters).
Additionally, the higher K-Band frequency enables AVANTGARDE-MW to reduce the power signal reaching the same distance.

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