Approach sensor
  • Detection distance: Pre-alarm 50 cm - Alarm 20 cm

  • Power supply : 2x CR2450

  • Power consumption: quiescent <30uA at 3.0 VDC, in pre-alarm >10mA a 3.0 VCC

  • Radio range: 200 m in free area

  • Frequency: 10 in 868 Hz ISM band

  • Operating temperature: +5 °C to +55 °C

  • Size L x A x P : 55 x 56 x 9 mm (without buzzer and antenna)


TIZIANO is an innovative sensor developed to signal the approach of people to the works of art to which it is connected. The system, ideal for paintings and statues, by means of a magnetic field generated by it, launches an audio pre-alarm and then an alarm, depending on the distance at which it detects the attack. The sensor needs an antenna created ad-hoc according to the protected object.

TIZIANO, in case of protection of paintings, does not need the contact with the protected object. Sicurit provides a frame of predefined dimensions to facilitate the creation of the sensor antenna to which the sensor is connected and then placed on the back of the painting. In case of protection of a metal object, such as a statue, the sensor can exploit the object itself for the creation of the antenna. The sensitivity of TIZIANO is adjusted directly from the WI-Art receiver by means of simple commands visible on the display. The sensor is designed to generate the audio pre-alarm at a distance of less than 50cm from the attachment and the alarm at a distance of less than 20cm from the antenna.

  • Alarm and pre-alarm generation based on distance from the attack
  • Configurable from WI-Art receiver
  • Antenna modifiable according to installation requirements
  • Does not require physical contact with the panel to be protected
  • Transmitter-generated audio pre-alarm

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