Multiple Zone fence-mounted PIDS
  • Minimum Zone Length: 1m

  • Maximum Zone Length: 125m

  • Section Diameter: Ø12mm

  • Working Temperature: -40°C / +80°C

  • High UV: Resistance


SicurZone is SICURIT brand new standalone Zone-based fence detection sensor designed to cost-effectively secure most metal fence types by means of a special sensor cable to provide an early warning of any intrusion attempt.

SicurZone detects vibrations caused by mechanical impulses arising from attempts to climb, lift up or cut through the fence ensuring high level of detection and deterrence.
Unlike conventional cost-effective sensors which offer only one zone and a sole sensitivity setting per controller, SicurZoneTM adopts small Sector-Boxes within the detection line to define both zones and individual sensitivity settings.

This unique Sensor Cable, which is made of internal springs wrapped wire free to move inside of a small plastic conduit and its reference shield, once mounted and properly fixed on a fence generate a stable electrostatic charges which is affected by little cable vibrations. The vibration create a movement of spring inside on plastic conduit and change the electrical charge that is opportunely analyzed
by the Sector-Box which set off an alarm from the Controller if this exceed the desired threshold.


  • Up to 1km range coverage per Controller
  • Up to 8 zones per Controller
  • Up to 125m coverage per zone
  • Sensitivity adjustment for each zone
  • Zone Controllers powered by 3V batteries or sensor cable-embedded 12V (SicurZone+)
  • Very cost-effective solution compatible with both chain-link and welded mesh fences


SicurZone, for this purpose, can be delivered with pre-sectioned sensor cable according to specific site requirements or as a kit with 10/25/50m section ranges with controller mounted in an IP65 cabinet equipped with LAN interface and, on request, with 3G/4G communication module.

A multitude of small sites also fall within the context of critical infrastructures. Electrical substations, water pump station, Cell towers to name few requires same security approach but being unmanned the risk of tamper or vandal attack is much higher compare to large manned sites, therefore cost-effectiveness often plays a major role when choosing the right solution.

Usually, these sites are protected by physical barriers made of chain link or welded mesh fences
therefore, a fence-mounted PIDS is an optimal solution to avoid costly remote civilian works,
additionally internal space may not allow the requested line of sight mandatory to implement
active barriers. SicurZone offers a real cost-effective solution that unlike conventional fence-mounted PIDS is able to divide the section in 4 (up to 8 where sites are made of more sides, ed.) zones providing to local PTZ cameras (or local NVR’s) 4/8 Outputs to address video verification on the alarmed
side only. At the same time, alarms are reported via Ethernet connection to Sicurit centralized
HyperPower SMS software platform that will clearly show location and the alarmed

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