SICURFLEXTM is a fence-mounted intrusion detection system designed for flexible fences such as chain-link and light welded-mesh types.
Very easy to install and simple to calibrate, is the ideal solution for securing perimeter fencing with minimal investments.
The system detects intruders climbing over or cutting a fence by means of a minute strain of the sensor cable. Sensitivity levels can be adjusted in order
to meet fence and environmental conditions.
Single Zone based, each Signal Processing Unit can manage up to 500m of sensor cable, typically 250m of fence portion in a dual pass configuration for
fences up to 3m high.


The system operates by means of a sensor cable, which is mounted along a perimeter fence.
An electrical signal in response to movement or deformation of the cable will generate, within
the desired threshold level, an alarm condition. Environmental noises and harsh weather
conditions are discriminated by dedicated filters.


Where detection is not required, NO sensitive zones can be created adding within the detection
line dedicated junction units and standard RG59 cable (e.g. in order to bypass gates).


  • Simple integration via dry contact
  • Immune to RF interferences
  • Very easy to install and calibrate
  • The most cost-effective Fence mounted PIDS solution
  • Very low power consumption

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