PIR sensor with 3D magnetic field reader


RAFFAELLO sensor is placed on the surface behind the painting to be protected, in direct contact with the canvas, to which it is attached by means of a mechanical arm that adapts the sensor to the thickness of the frame.

The sensitivity is automatically adjusted according to the pressure exerted by the painting on its sensitive plate. At this point, even the slightest change in pressure on the canvas causes the alarm to be activated immediately. This sensor therefore protects not only against the removal of the artwork, but also against visitors’ attempts to touch the paintings. The RAFFAELLO sensor is available both in a wired version and in a low-power version for use in radio systems via the SPZUTG2 transmitter for integration with WI-Art.

With the calibration function of the Wi-Art receiver, you can automatically optimize the Caravaggio radio version.

  • Protects against removal and crushing of the canvas
  • Automatic calibration with pre-set alarm threshold
  • Available in low absorption version for integration with WI-Art or other radio systems.
Power supply12VDC3,6V
Average sensor consumption6 mA< 35 μA
Estimated battery life timedepending on the transmitter
Type of outputDry contact relaysOpen Collector
Alarm threshold2,5 – 4 mm
Operating temperaturesda +5 °C a +45 °C
Storage temperaturesda -20 °C a +70 °C
Weight70 g
Dimensions90 x 65 x 6 mm

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