Pressure sensor up to 100 kg
  • Power supply: 1x 3.6V lithium battery

  • Average sensor consumption : < 25 μA

  • Estimated battery life time : About 2 years

  • Number of inputs: 2

  • Input type: balanced - unbalanced

  • Frequency : 2 in ISM a 868 MHz

  • Range : about 200 m in free area

  • Operating temperatures : da +5 °C a +45 °C

  • Storage temperatures: da -20 °C a +70 °C

  • Weight: 31 g

  • Size : 52 x 69 x 18 mm


MICHELANGELO is a weight sensor designed to protect valuable objects on display in museums or private collections to which the public has free access. It offers constant protection of the objects (24/24) by continuously monitoring their pressure on the sensor. It is particularly suitable for statuettes, vases, precious stones.

Michelangelo triggers an alarm when the object is touched, moved or removed. The operating principle of the sensor is as follows: After storing the initial weight of the object, any subsequent increase or decrease in pressure triggers an alarm. The pressure variation depends on the weight of the object, shocks or blows to the bottom of the sensor will not trigger a false alarm. The sensor is available in 3 versions depending on the object to be protected; each version can be either wired or low absorption for connection to the SPZUTG2 transmitter for integration with WI-Art.

  • Pressure sensor up to 100 kg weight
  • Simple calibration of sensitivity and alarm threshold
  • Immune to external vibrations
  • Easy to install
  • Available in low absorption version for integration with WI-Art or other radio systems.

Weight range0,05 to 5 Kg0,2 to 20 Kg1 to 100 Kg
Power supply9-16 VCC, 3 V in low absorption version
Consumption12/20 mA, < 30uA in the low absorption version
Dimensions(Ø x h) 78 x 13 mm355 x 20 mm
Weight250 g6,3 Kg

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