Long Range Passive Infrared Detector
  • Technology: Passive IR

  • Range: 150 mt

  • Alarm OUT: Contact relay

  • Applications: Industrial, Residential


Long-range Passive Infrared Detector (PIR) has been developed for detection of intruders up to 150 meters. Can be used when the installation of traditional active infrared beams is difficult or impossible. Moreover, the area protected cannot be identified by an intruder due to the passive operation of the unit.


INFRATRONIC is a passive device designed to detect any intruder by his movement due to the infrared contrast against the background. Two curtains sensing areas provide the alarm only when they detect infrared radiation emitted by a human body entering in the first curtain and leaving the second one. The detection algorithm eliminates slow temperature changes and avoid nuisance alarm caused by small animals, flying birds and moving vegetation. Since INFRATRONIC only reacts to infrared radiation, they can be used during day&night as well as under changing climatic conditions such as fog, rain and snow. For the installation, a robust IP65 weatherproof aluminum housing is supplied with his bracket.


Useful for the protection of large buildings and long walls as well as combined with CCTV systems and Video Motion Detectors (VMD).

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