Security Integrated Platform and Monitoring System
  • Technology: Hardware + Software solution

  • Applications: Industrial, Military, Governmental, Residential


The security of sensitive areas (government offices, industrial sites, military zones, prisons, stadiums, banks, ports, airports, railway stations, metro stations) is vital to safeguard personal safety and protect environments, systems, information and data inside these areas. Recent history teaches us that electronic protection systems aren’t only a precautionary measure, but an effective tool for preventing and deterring criminal acts.
HyperPower integrated security platform, combined with SICURIT unique perimeter protection systems, represent SICURIT respond to increasingly demanding of high security requirements.

HyperPower integrated security platform represents SICURIT response to the implementation and management of highly integrated perimeter protection, access control and conventional alarm systems.

Based on client/server architectures, comprising hardware and software subsystems in which digitalized alarms and operator commands are transmitted over an IP network and/or serial lines, HyperPower is a highly scalable system, without topological limitations, that can be adapted to diverse operating scenarios (perimeter security management, total security management, building management system etc.).

Through proprietary IP and Serial interfaces HyperPower is able to integrate concentrate and manage not only SICURIT but even third party systems thanks to its open architecture structure which allows fast implementation of third party DSK’s development kits.

Backed up with a powerful software, HyperPower provide operators with a comprehensive, user-friendly and free design graphic unit interface (GUI) which ensure that the system is customized perfectly for any organization needs.


HyperPower employs advanced software technology to enable the system easily handling the huge amount of data received from its peripherals.

System administrators can easily configure arm/disarm functions, user codes, time zone access, level of access, user group and touch screen terminals time restrictions and define any kind of alarm reactions.
2D high resolution graphics can be easily incorporated as well as text acknowledgment and real-time active icons that clearly indicates device location and status.

Any type of operator helping message or audio message can be implemented as additional management tools.

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