All-in-One fence-concealed Sensors and High Security fence in partnership with Cavatorta
  • Technology: Piezoelettric sensor

  • Range: Up to 1500m per unit

  • Alarm OUT: TCP/IP or Relay Contact

  • Applications: Industrial, Military, Governmental, Airport Security


HSF Activa™ is the result of a strong cooperation between European leading manufacturing companies lead by Sicurit and Cavatorta. Developed for high-end applications such as border and Airport security, HSF Activa™ is a High Security Fence that combines high resiliency, pin-point detection and a unique design that makes it impossible to climb with bare hands (hand and footholds reduced to 76.2×12.7mm only). Additionally, HSF Activa™ has been designed to hide any electronic component and cable required for its activation in case of an attempted penetration making it completely vandal and tamper proof.


HSF Activa™ is made of high security welded mesh fence manufactured using 4.00 mm. (8 ga.) GALVATEC® wire (Alu-Zinc alloy) both for vertical and horizontal wires. Mesh size is 76.2 x 12.7 mm. (3 x 0,5 inches) and could be supplied Galvatec® coated only or powder PVC coated in several colors. HSF Activa™ Security Fence panels are manufactured to prevent any vandal attack, this thanks to the small mesh opening 76.2 x 12.7 mm (3 x 0.5 inches) and strong wire diam. 4.00 mm. (8 ga.), which provides a security barrier against climbers, not allowing foot or hand holds. Wire cutters cannot be used as there is not enough space between the wires.


The Galvatec® Process, alloy combining 95% zinc and 5% aluminum, provides an important anti-corrosion coating to all our products manufactured through this ultimate coating system


The detection posts interconnected by a bus cable lead inside special cable ducts which are part of the fence structure. The Piezo electric sensors convert mechanical shocks into signals that are processed from a Line Controller (FSHLCP) which send its final evaluation to HSF main Control Unit (HSFCUP). Each detector has its own address and parameters can be set independently.


On the base of the internal algorithm the control unit HSFCUP evaluates events coming from each individual detector and inputs (via HSFLI Input module) and subsequently controls dependent activities such as switching outputs, controlling cameras and sending alarm information into HyperPower™ Security Management SW. The control unit HSFCUP is equipped with several ports for control and communication with external modules. Furthermore, is equipped with four outputs which are free programmable and can be used e.g., for signaling the basic statuses of the system. The Ethernet connection is used for connection into HyperPower™ Security Management SW and for controlling other devices. It is also equipped with RS485 bus, which enables to control telemetries of analogue PTZ cameras. Networked PTZ cameras and other systems can be also directly controlled via Ethernet via ONVIF protocol. The unit can control up to two-line controllers HSFLCP via RS232 bus. It is also able to record the log of events on the internal micro-SD card. The control unit is placed in the plastic holder suitable for the installation on DIN rail and must be equipped with a suitable IP protection cover for the outdoor environment.

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