• Technology: Vibro sensor cable

  • Range: 100 meters

  • Alarm OUT: Wireless Visonic PowerCode® or PowerG®

  • Applications: Residential - Commercial - Logistic


Wireless fence and wall sensor cable protection

GARDEN™ is a vibro sensor cable connected to a signal processing unit with built-in Visonic PowerCode® or PowerG® radio transmitters. The sensor cable has been developed and tested by SICURIT, internationally recognized leader in outdoor perimeter protections. GARDEN™ monitors different type of metal fences such as chainlink and welded-mesh as well as brick or concrete walls and detects the minute vibration caused by attempting to climb over, cut the fence or break through a wall.

How it works

GARDEN™ is fully passive. The signal processing unit registers the electrical charges generated in the sensor cable (triboelectric effect) as a result of an intrusion attempt. GARDEN™ activates the alarm if the amount of the received electrical charges exceeds a determinated threshold.

System components

  • WRMFLEXN: Signal processing unit with PowerCode® 868MHz. wireless transmitter (battery included), for the protection of fences or walls maximum cable lenght 100m
  • WPMFLEX: Signal processing unit with PowerG® wireless transmitter (battery included), for the protection of fences or walls maximum cable lenght 100m
  • WPFLEXCBVB25: Sensor cable – 25m coil with termination
  • WPFLEXCBVB50: Sensor cable – 50m coil with termination
  • WPFLEXCBVB100: Sensor cable – 100m coil with termination

Technical features

  • Product code: WRMFLEX / WPMFLEX
  • Power supply: lithium battery 3V CR123A or 3V CR17450
  • Consumption: 20microA
  • Working temperature: -10°C / +55°C
  • Max umidity at 35°C: 98%
  • Alarm output: Wireless
  • Tamper protection: YES
  • Housing dimensions (mm): 115 x 90 x 55  (h x b x p)
  • Housing: IP65
  • Weight (approx): 220 Gr.
  • Product code: FLEXCB / FLEXCBVB
  • Max cable lengh: 100 mt. per evaluation unit
  • Section diameter: 11 mm.
  • Cut-short  circuit  detection: Yes

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