Fence Hidden Detection Solution


“Monitoring without being seen” – This is a very important requirement where it is desirable that the intruder isn’t forewarned about the presence of a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS).

From this assumption comes to life Sicurit’s F-Activa concept, a unique perimeter fence detection system that can be incorporated and hided within different type of fences providing precise, effective and secure protection of facilities at the highest security level (Grade 4 – High Risk).
Hidden technology definitively prevents from deliberated tamper and vandal attacks, reduces overall TCO and respects aesthetics requirements. F-Activa can be applied to securing prisons, monuments and other facilities, where there is an important parameter requiring an effective and invisible security system.


F-Activa elements are made of digital Piezoelectric sensors mounted on a purposed design support and hidden inside the fence posts interconnected by a bus cable pulled inside special cable ducts which are part of the fence structure.

The Piezoelectric sensors converts mechanical shocks into signals that are processed via a Line Controller from its main Control Unit. Each detector has its own address and parameters can be set independently. The detection accuracy of the location of the intrusion is to each individual detection sensor hided inside posts.


F-ACTIVA is especially designed to protect the security of an area or objects against an intrusion of unauthorized persons.

The system can be installed on all common types of fencing (e.g., traditional mesh, welded wire mesh in rolls, welded fence panels, top fence extensions) and non-standard fencing (fence of metal plates, welded decorative fences). In addition to the Standard version a more resistant version is also available to be installed inside the posts of the fence structures (concealed version) making it completely immune to tamper and vandal attacks.

F-ACTIVA, powered by Peridect+ technology, detects vibration caused by the mechanical impulse arising from the attempt to break the perimeter (climbing, cutting, crawling under the fence).
F-ACTIVA uses a Differential Logic which radically reduces false alarm caused by weather (rain, wind, hail, lightning) and allows the operation of the system under these conditions without the necessity to change the system sensitivity manually or automatically.
F-ACTIVA programmable outputs can be connected into standard security control panels similarly as a standard sensor.
In such a case the groups of the detectors are usually combined into relevant outputs and the system detect alarms from individual arbitrarily defined zones. Another possibility is the connection into the alarm and event management software platform HyperPower™, which enables to display the exact place of the intrusion and control the communication with other eternal VMS and PSIM systems.

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