AVANTGARDE-DT is a high security active Dual Technology barrier (Virtual Fence) enclosed in two tamper protected extruded aluminum columns equipped with Sicurit last generation of digital patented bi-directional Infrared and active Microwave technology, all within one unit. 

Because of the combination of the two technologies, the barrier offers a very high level of security even under conditions of thick fog, heavy rain, strong snowfalls and sandstorms all of which tend to trigger false alarms or unreliable performance when only one technology is used.

Unique Bi-Directional Infrared Technology & brand-new K-Band 24Ghz MW

Avantgarde-DT is equipped with SICURIT last generation of Digital Bi-directional IR Technology. Thanks to the patented 3TX+3RX Optics Beam heads, in case of any false exposure to direct light sources (e.g., sunlight/car headlights) the inflicted receiver raises a pre-alarm, but as the corresponding receiver on the other side is getting a correct signal, Avantgarde-DT will not set an alarm condition thus drastically reducing nuisance alarm rates.  

Additionally, Avantgarde-DT makes use of latest digital RF planar link (24GHz) and Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) to reduce false alarm rates and distinguishing the type of intrusion attempt and eventual temporary obstructions specially during system arming.

Another innovation is the introduction of a random modulation channel shuffle-based algorithm that increases Microwave safety making Avantgarde-DT completely immune against attempts to tamper it. 

5DS – 5 Detection Scenarios

SEA – Signal Efficiency Analysis

Bi-directional technology

IP Dual Technology Barrier

ODC – Optical Data Check

IR beam remote management

Custom configurations


  • Linear detection with range up to 200m in all environmental conditions, including very dense fog
  • IR + MW Dual Technology operation
  • Bi-directional Infrared technology completely immune to sun and car headlights 
  • End-to-end integration with SMS and smart gateway for integration with major VMS
  • Distributed Intelligence for unparalleled target discrimination (5DS)
  • 12/24V, 230V or PoE+
  • IP65 rating for water and dust resistance and temperature range up to -40°/+70°C
  • Tested and Certified Grade 4 and Environmental Class IV (according to EN 50131)

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