• CPU: Intel i3-i5, AMD Ryzen5-7

  • RAM: 4-8GB, DDR3-4

  • Hard Disk: 128-256GB

  • Operating System: Win7 - Win10, Windows Server

  • Network port : 100MB 1GB

  • HD installing space : 150MB (excluding logs)

  • IMT licenses : 16x 32x 64x 128x

  • Compatible VMS and versions: GENETEC Version 5.5 and later; MILESTONE Version 2020r1 and later; GEUTEBRUECK Version GEVIsoft v 6.0 and later; INDIGO Version Control Center v 19


Integration Tool

The A-Bridge is purpose-built to meet seamless integration of SICURIT IP based AVANTGARDE barriers in major VMS/VSS platforms.

A-Bridge in fact allows End-to-End integration of up to 128 set of AVANTGARDE (IR, MW, DT) and ABSOLUTE PRO (DT) barriers without the need for additional management and control SW Platforms (e.g. HyperPower SMS) thus reducing useless costs for dedicated servers.


  • Simple and quick connection with major VSS/VMS
  • Supports up to 128 set of AVANTGARDE and ABSOLUTE PRO barriers
  • Includes an intuitive password-protected Software to control and diagnose all connected barriers
  • Internal Log-Event reporting
  • Not bounded to specific servers

Current supported Integrations:

Geutebrueck, Milestone, IndigoVision, Dahua, Genetec

Models available:
IMTAB16 A-Bridge for up to 16 AVANTGARDE connections
IMTAB32 A-Bridge for up to 32 AVANTGARDE connections
IMTAB64 A-Bridge for up to 64 AVANTGARDE connections
IMTAB128 A-Bridge for up to 128 AVANTGARDE connections

A-BRIDGE | Events available

  • Alarm
  • MW pre-alarm (AVANTGARDE-DT only)
  • IR disqualification (AVANTGARDE-IR only)
  • 24H Tamper
  • Predictive Maintenance notification
  • Main Power Fault
  • Watchdog
  • AUX Inputs
  • Heater ON/OFF

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