TIZIANO is an innovative sensor developed to signal the approach of people to the works of art to which it is connected. The system, ideal for paintings and statues, by means of a magnetic field generated by it, launches an audio pre-alarm and then an alarm, depending on the distance at which it detects the […]


MONET is a wireless sensor designed to protect paintings and wall objects, distinguishing itself from other museum sensors thanks to the particularity of not having to be in contact with the protected object. This guarantees the elimination of weight and size limits imposed by similar sensors of previous generation. The micrometric infrared, on which its […]

Universal transmitter

The UNIVERSAL TRANSMITTER is designed to make any type of low absorption sensor compatible with the WI-Art series receiver units. Powered by a lithium battery which guarantees a duration of about 2 years, the Transmitter allows the connection of up to two external sensors, supplying them with up to 100μA, if required.You can configure the […]


Picasso low power

PICASSO is a wall sensor with calibratable vertical scale for protection of pictures and other wall-hung objects. The PICASSO sensor is a painting hanger that is sensitive to touch, movement and/or removal of the object, hung using a wall scale. The picture to be protected is hung directly on the sensor which evaluates the weight […]


Integration Tool The A-Bridge is purpose-built to meet seamless integration of SICURIT IP based AVANTGARDE barriers in major VMS/VSS platforms. A-Bridge in fact allows End-to-End integration of up to 128 set of AVANTGARDE (IR, MW, DT) and ABSOLUTE PRO (DT) barriers without the need for additional management and control SW Platforms (e.g. HyperPower SMS) thus […]


“Monitoring without being seen” – This is a very important requirement where it is desirable that the intruder isn’t forewarned about the presence of a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS). From this assumption comes to life Sicurit’s F-Activa concept, a unique perimeter fence detection system that can be incorporated and hided within different type of […]