The Italian Constitution places the protection of historical and artistic heritage among its fundamental principles. For a museum, protecting an asset means safeguarding its integrity in order to preserve the memory of the community and its territory. For a contemporary art fair, safeguarding a work of art means protecting it from the risk of possible damage, in view not only of its public enjoyment, but also of its sale. More generally, works of art exhibited in museums, exhibition halls, art galleries and similar places are often subject to theft and acts of vandalism so the protection of works of art requires an accurate but discreet detection, which does not cause visual deterioration of the object to be protected.

Wi-Art, system mainly via Radio of Sicurit’s Grade-3, is the answer to a growing demand for dedicated sensors able to detect even the lightest touch of a finger, a change of weight of the work, a shift of a few mm of a painting, avoiding complex wiring often forbidden due to the historical and artistic nature of exhibition buildings.

The WI-Art system consists of:


Particularity of the radio used by WI-Art is that of being not sabotageable as it is equipped with encrypted protocol and active two-way communication at high speed, certified Grade 3.

The sensors, designed for the protection of paintings, tapestries, statues and objects of all kinds, are divided into 3 families of detectors.

With GRADE 3 INTEGRATED RADIO, with presence control and real-time sensor diagnostics.

LOW ABSORPTION (μA) for use with third party radio transmitters

CABLADES for traditional installation (wired, 12VDC)

WI-Art G2

Grade 3 radio system

Radio system, grade 3, designed for the protection of works of art and museum structures (such as showcases, cabinets, cabinets…). The system essentially consists of 3 main parts: radio receiver, dedicated sensors and alarm output modules.

The system supports a wide range of sensors and can be equipped with a serial port for interfacing with the HyperPower supervision and control software.

The particularity of the radio used by WI-Art is that it cannot be sabotaged as it has an encrypted protocol and active bidirectional communication.

Consisting of a circuit equipped with a display, through which you can see all the information of each sensor recorded in real time, WI-Art has as its prerogative the immunity to external radio interference.

This is possible thanks to the presence of 10 transmission channels selectable and the ability to adjust the signal strength according to the distance between transmitter and receiver.

There are 2 models of receiver, both compatible with all WI-Art sensors: 1. SPZWRUG2 compatible with the dedicated O.C. SPZOUT3 output module, to direct alarms to an existing alarm centre. Maximum 28 sensors can be registered. 2. SPZWRUHPG2 compatible with the Sicurit HyperPower software platform, with graphic map support. The system sends all parameters of each transmitter. Maximum 59 adjustable sensors.



CARAVAGGIO is the solution mainly dedicated to the protection of showcases and cabinets. It has

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