IP Based Avantgarde

Avantgarde is SICURIT last generation of Digital IP based active barriers designed to protect critical infrastructures or any high sensitive site. Characterized by patented technologies and features, the prerogative of Avantgarde is to be the only complete family of Infrared, Microwave and Dual Technology (IR+MW) barriers certified Grade 4 with end-to-end integration and complete remote control.

Reduced cabling Infrastructure (PoE+)

Thanks to the optional built-in PoE+ splitter, AVANTGARDE easily integrates in new or existing IP Networks via a single Ethernet cable for data and power transmission.

End-To-End Integration

AVANTGARDE is the only high security active barrier that can be integrated end-to-end in any security platform by means
of bi-directional API or Modbus TCP protocols.

Security Grade 4

AVANTGARDE is purposely designed for the protection of Critical Infrastructures and is tested and Certified Grade 4 and Environmental Class IV Risk HIGH (according to EN 50131-1:2006, EN 50131-1-2-4:2008)

Active Barriers


Avantgarde-IR is a high security active Infrared Barrier (Virtual Fence) enclosed in two tamper protected

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Active Barriers


AVANTGARDE-DT is a high security active Dual Technology barrier (Virtual Fence) enclosed in two tamper

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Active Barriers


AVANTGARDE-MW is Sicurit’s last generation of IP/PoE digital volumetric long range Microwave barriers. Equipped with

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HyperPower is SICURIT Alarm and Event Management Platform based on client-server
architecture with integration in third party PSIM.
Features fully interactive mapping with secure communications, simple graphical
configuration and optional remote diagnostic (IP based PIDS only).
Supports serial and Ethernet I/O modules to connect any conventional PIDS.
Current Integrations: Geutebrueck, Lensec, Milestone, Winguard.


A-BRIDGE is a smart Gateway to connect SICURIT Virtual Fences in major third-party VMS.
It allows End-to-End integration of up to 128 set Virtual Fences without the need for additional management and control SW Platforms (e.g. HyperPower) thus reducing useless costs for dedicated servers and its configuration.
Current Integrations: Geutebrueck, Genetec, IndigoVision, Milestone.


IMTIPLOG has been designed to provide anywhere in the IP Network contact relays
outputs from any SICURIT IP based PIDS.
Additionally, it provides watchdog functionality and e-mails or SMS messages
to the System Integrator that wants to be notified in case of system malfunctions.
Supported by ONVIF Profile S and T, IMTIPLOG can also be configured to control
any perimeter connected network camera.

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